Iron raw materials


From our headquarters in Southport, Connecticut in the USA, we trade internationally in, primarily, scrap metal and pig iron, as well as hot briquetted iron and finished steel products.

The right raw materials for the right buyer

Together with partners in South America, we have also started selling beach/pool iron and petroleum coke in recent years - a good example of recycling and trading waste products that would otherwise burden the environment.

The raw materials that we sell come from suppliers around the world, whose businesses vary. Often, this involves actively marketing the sellers by pursuing potential buyers for their produce. To tackle these challenges, we have a fast-acting and flexible organization that is constantly investigating the market.

We also have a range of services that we adapt to customers' specific wishes and needs. Among other things, we offer financing solutions as well as transportation, warehousing and other logistics services in order to help each customer create cost-effective business.

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