Ferrous scrap


Stena Metal Inc. has rapidly become a major supplier of steel scrap. Working from the core expertise of the Stena Metall Group in metallic scrap, and handling significant quantities of exports shredded and cut grades, Stena Metal Inc. has developed a substantial trading business in steel scrap.


In addition to conventional buying of selling of scrap, we have established programs to facilitate raw materials inventory management for consumers of the scrap. Stena maintains stocking programs whereby we set up a dedicated warehouse for the supply of raw materials for our customers, and provide such goods to them on a just-in-time basis. Such arrangements assist our buyers by reducing their finance requirements for raw materials, while helping to streamline inventory control.


The scrap which we handle includes:

  • Shredded steel scrap according to ISRI 210 & 211 with maximum Cu 0.25%.
  • Heavy Melt steel #1 / #2 according to ISRI codes 200-206
  • Prepared railway scrap
  • Factory Bundles
  • Busheling
  • Other bonus grade scrap
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