Stena is part of society. Together with you, we also want to change it.

The Stena Metall Group wants to be an important cog in the development of a more sustainable society. And we are, through our ambitious aims and the confidence shown in us by our customers, public authorities and everyone we work with in our operations. Innovative solutions for customers, improvements in production and competence, smarter transports, and research and development projects are a few ways that we are developing a sustainable business. In this way, we can help to conserve limited resources from mines, forests and oil fields, as well as clean air and water. This is critical in a world faced with population growth, urbanization, growing energy needs and increased consumption.

By sustainable business we mean business where customer benefits, profitability, environmental benefits and safety go hand in hand. Profitability provides the foundation for us to invest strongly in innovations and support social initiatives. With long-term private owners, we are not only able to set our sights on sustainability, but also to be sustainable in everything we do.

What do we actually do? Check out some of the examples that show how we work with sustainability and conserve society's resources in ways both big and small. The websites of the Group’s various companies provide more examples.

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